Wireless Security

Wireless Security

Long before wireless technology, businesses completed internet connections between devices using physical wiring. However, there has been a growing enterprise-wide adoption of wireless solutions due to wireless networks’ flexibility. Just as hardwired networks were settling comfortably in organisations, wireless networks came into existence, creating competition and replacing them in many areas. With wireless connections, enterprises can clean up their physical spaces within their offices and improve their employees’ mobility. But…this can have a huge impact on your networks’ wireless security…

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What is Wireless Security?

Wireless security is the prevention of damage to the computers, data, and information caused by unauthorised access to wireless networks in an organisation. These wireless networks include Wi-Fi networks. Security of these networks is typically achieved through wireless devices such as routers or switches. These wireless devices encrypt and secure all wireless communication. If a hacker manages to eavesdrop a network, wireless network security mechanisms ensure that they will not access any data due to encryption. Although encryption is one of the crucial components of your network’s security, it has many other features and components.  

Wireless Security Challenges

Although wireless connectivity has many advantages, there are various security concerns. The good news, however, is the fact that there are readily available solutions. If these solutions are implemented effectively, they make wireless networking as safe as wired ones.  Here are some of these challenges:

Configuration issues

Simple configuration issues are often the leading cause of security issues in wireless networks. Many consumer access points are shipped with no security configurations in place. Failure to configure the devices gives room for the attackers to infiltrate the network and steal data.

Hacking or stealing wireless devices

A loss or compromise of an employee wireless device connected to a network can easily be used to access the network illegally. It makes it easy for a hacker to access network credentials and use them to obtain critical information.

Denial of service attacks

Denial of service attacks (DDoS) is one of the easiest attacks that can cripple a network and stop services completely. It is achieved by placing viruses or worms that send large traffic that the network cannot handle, causing network slowdown.

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Network Penetration Testing

Defensity’s network penetration testing services help identify wireless network vulnerabilities before attackers take advantage of them. We help businesses identify their weaknesses through our simulated attacks and fix them to keep hackers at bay.

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