Cyber Security for Medium Businesses

According to a recent Verizon data breach report, 43% of global cyberattacks target small and medium businesses. Cyberattacks have long been associated with big corporations, but cyber security for medium businesses are the new target.

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What does Cyber Security for Medium Businesses Entail?


Cyber security is an essential aspect for medium businesses, for they have everything to lose in case of a security breach. 6 in 10 small and medium businesses fold within six months of a cyber-breach due to lost revenue and damaged reputation; this is according to Symantec. SMBs are easy targets for cyber attackers because they handle sensitive information, and they also lack sophisticated cybersecurity tools.

Cyber security for a medium business entails the following areas:

What are the Challenges around Cyber Security for Medium Sized Businesses?


Cyber security is a desirable and essential aspect for every technologically driven business, but there are challenges around it. For medium businesses, for instance, the challenges are rather distinct:


Lack of Awareness

Due to a wrong perception associating cybersecurity with big corporations, medium businesses do not fully understand the current reality surrounding cyber security risks.

Budget Constraints

A comprehensive cyber security policy – which entails suitable tools and well-trained staff – requires large budget allocations, something many medium businesses have no capacity to achieve.

A False Sense of Security

Among medium businesses, there is over-reliance and dependence on internal IT staff or third-party IT providers for their cyber security.



At Defensity, we are experts in all of the above areas. Call us today, and let us help you formulate policies and solutions to secure your business against cyber-attacks.


Specialist Services Delivered by Experts

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer

Managing cyber security threats is an on-going exercise that requires a high level of skill and meticulous attention to detail. Defensity, therefore, provide Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) services, that you can utilize 24/7 to assist with cyber security issues.

Cyber Essentials

As a Certification Body for Cyber Essentials, Defensity can help your business through the certification process and give you direct consultancy to any questions you may have regarding the Cyber Essentials Standard.

Cyber Incident

At Defensity, our professional cyber incident response team can help you recover your business quickly after cyber attacks and security breaches. More importantly, our cyber security consultant services for UK SMEs, can help you take steps to prevent major incidents.

Network Security Packages

Ideal solution packages for small & medium businesses at very affordable prices.  These solution packages are designed to strengthen the most vulnerable parts of a businesses cyber security posture.

IASME Governance Certification

Get IASME cyber security certification to demonstrates that you have robust information management and data processing security policies in place, that are in-line with GDPR and international data protection standards.


Try Defensity’s GDPR packages built around the highly sought after IASME Governance Standard.

Managed Detection & Response

Cyber security services have traditionally focused on preventing cyber attacks. To do this, security experts lock down networks. Their focus is to stop hackers from getting in. However, attacks still happen. This is because it is not possible to seal off a network completely.


Hackers rarely stage brute-force attacks on businesses. Often, it’s far easier to exploit existing security loopholes in software apps and your network security perimeter. Defensity cyber security testing prevents this by scouring your network for vulnerabilities ahead of time.

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