Cyber Security for Startups

Cyber security for startups is a necessity. In fact, 43% of cyberattacks are aimed at startups and over half of all small businesses have been the victim of a cyberattack. This makes the need to protect your startup against cyber-attacks even more critical.


With the average cost of recovering from a cyber attack hitting £65000, can you afford to stay unprotected?

What does Cyber Security for Startups Entail?


Your startup’s needs and specific offerings will determine the cyber security requirements needed to ensure a safe digital work environment. Here at Defensity Cyber Security, we understand the uniqueness of every startup.

Therefore, we know that there is not a one-size-fits-all Cyber Security solution. Instead, our devoted team members will work with you to determine the exact cyber security your startup needs to succeed.


Here are some of the solutions that Defensity offers to give your startup peace of mind and protection from online threats:

Cyber Security Challenges Facing Startups


Startups can gain notoriety quickly. It is common for startups to go from seed to established practically overnight. Usually, it is much easier for a startup to gain immediate attention than other businesses due to its nature.


Unfortunately, that also makes adequate cyber security for startups more difficult. After all, not all attention is good attention, and now, more than ever, startups need to rely on remote options to continue functioning. This reliance on remote, cyber transactions makes these common cyber security challenges facing startups an increased threat:




Data Leakage


Insider Sabotage



It seems that no matter what startups do to protect themselves, there is another cyber security threat on the horizon, but don’t worry! Instead, be proactive.

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Startups are often also commonly interested in these services:

Cyber Essentials Certification

Having a helping hand to make your startup safe from cyber threats is all well and good. However, without a certification, you lack any proof of the steps your start up is taking to protect itself from cyber threats.

Learn how we can help reduce 80% of cyber attacks and enable you to win new government contracts

Consultancy for on premise security

Cyber Security Consultancy

Defensity provides cyber security for startups consultancy services. These services will help give your business the security solutions that are right for you. With Defensity, you can get ahead of the cyber threats and keep your startup secure. Call Defensity today for a free consultation, and discover everything our cyber security solutions for startups can do for you!

Why choose Defensity for your Cyber Security Solutions?

Hybrid security accreditation


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Defensity is an Authorised Cyber Essentials & IASME Certification Body, you will only consult with qualified (CISSP) Security Professionals.

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