Hybrid Security

Hybrid Security

As the cloud computing dust settles, it is now becoming clear that the hybrid security model makes more sense to many organisations. As companies continue embracing hybrid environments, they must find a way of ensuring proper administration that addresses the traditional and modern environments.

What is Hybrid Security?

Hybrid security is the protection of data, infrastructure, and applications in an IT environment within an organisation on-premise and in the cloud. Hybrid is a mixture of on-premise and cloud. It entails ensuring workload portability, orchestration, and managing the security of data and information across multi-platform environments which include cloud – public or private and on-site.

According to the latest statistics by Forrester Research, most companies use hybrid solutions in their operations. Accordingly, the majority of the adopters have opted for hybrid cloud with 62% stating that they have opted for 2+ unique cloud environments. Of all these 74% describe their strategy as hybrid/multi-cloud. Hybrid cloud security presents unique challenges for network administrators. These challenges are best addressed through utilities and tools that are implemented in a network to ensure real-time data packet scanning, network analysis through applications, and network monitoring.

Hybrid Security Challenges

A hybrid environment brings a promise of choice, flexibility, and scalability. It allows enterprises to keep data in an environment that works best for them – in terms of both compute and security aspects. It presents an opportunity to store sensitive information such as personally identifiable information (PII) on site, while at the same time embracing the advantages offered by the cloud. However, it is not without its fair share of challenges that must be understood and solved:

Visibility and Control

The introduction of infrastructure beyond the physical environment and virtualisation such as the mix of Azure, Google, and AWS with cloud increases risks. It makes it hard for enterprises to clearly view and control all the systems and data in a distributed environment. Visibility leads to control issues since one cannot control and secure what they cannot see.

Compliance and Governance

Organisations in highly regulated industries are concerned about cloud platforms. As such, they use it for non-critical or non-sensitive operations and data. With many laws still being developed to govern the cloud, many enterprises do not meet it. Dealing with data from different sources and and environments presents challenges to companies that have to meet regulatory frameworks in all areas.

Securing Data

Security is always a challenge in any environment, but the hybrid environment increases complexity. Under a hybrid environment where data originates from different sources, data at rest and in transit can be exposed as organisations try to address security in all sources.

Supply Chain Risks

Supply chain vulnerabilities are emerging as the weakest link to smaller cloud vendors and users as well. Although the security team may be highly skilled and resourced, attackers can take advantage of the supply chain by inserting backdoors to software or hardware of their targets, therefore gaining access to critical infrastructure.

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