Website Penetration Testing

In 2013, Sophos Labs estimated that 30,000 websites were being hacked each day. In addition, Sucuri states that more than 170 million attack attempts were made on websites under its supervision in 2019.

With website penetration testing, you get a chance to identify vulnerabilities in your website before cybercriminals do. Contact us to learn more.

What is Website Penetration Testing?


It is a simulated cyber attack against a website to identify exploitable vulnerabilities. In a cyber security context, website penetration testing is usually used to test and enhance a web application firewall.


There are two types of web penetration testing:


How does Website Penetration Testing work?


There are well-established methodologies and standards used to carry out web penetration testing; for instance, OWASP, OSSTMM, and ISSAF.


Overall, website penetration testing is commonly done in three successive steps, with the reconnaissance stage being the most critical.


Benefits Of Website Penetration Testing

When we talk of cyber security, the word that commonly comes up is Vulnerability. Vulnerability is a terminology used to identify flaws in a web application which cybercriminals can exploit. Web penetration testing discovers these flaws, allowing the owners of the system to remediate.

Here are the benefits of web penetration testing:

Identification of unknown vulnerabilities

The first thing cybercriminals do is scan for vulnerabilities in an application and then exploit them to gain access. Web penetration testing gives you a head start in identifying these vulnerabilities before attackers come knocking.

Assessment of the effectiveness of security policies

Simulated attacks in web penetration testing allows you to assess how your security policies respond to a real-life cyber attack. If the simulated attacks are successful, then it means your security policies are not strong enough.


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