Cloud Security

Cloud Security

Cloud security offers a chance to steer your business, enhance defence mechanisms and reduce risks.                                                    There are around 65,000 attempts to hack SMBs every day in the UK. Out of these, 4,500 attacks are successful.

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What is Cloud Security?

Cloud security comprises the policies, controls, and technologies that collaborate to enhance cloud management. Cloud security helps SMBs to protect their data from theft, leakage, attacks, and deletion.

Cloud computing has three 3 basic core elements

  • Infrastructure as a service – IaaS allows clients to rent or lease IT infrastructures like servers for storage purposes. Users acquire services on demand and can install OS or applications on the acquired servers.   
  • Platform as a service, – PaaS allows users to develop, run, and manage computer applications without creating the cloud platform required for executing those services. This cloud model is suitable for development companies who want to focus on building software applications and leave management of middleware, OS and storage services to the cloud service provider.
  • Software as a Service – SaaS is a cloud model that allows software vendors to host applications and then the end-users can access these applications from the cloud service provider. Example of SaaS products includes Gmail, Office 365, CRM software, and collaboration applications among others.

Cloud Security Challenges

Every business wants it all. A secure data application that can be accessed anywhere using any device. Cloud computing technology can make this happen. However, there are inherent security challenges that organisations must deal with to make this dream a reality.

DDoS and DoS Attacks

As businesses continue moving their operations to the cloud, the cloud platforms have become a soft target for malicious attacks. A DDoS attack overwhelms systems servers making the website or other web applications inaccessible to legitimate users.

Data breaches

In September 2020, over 267 million records were breached in the UK. These statistics indicate the growing threat involved in securing sensitive data. Unlike on-premise data storage, cloud solutions leave security controls to the cloud service provider. Therefore, you should constantly audit your system and process to ensure your vendor meets Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Data loss

Every business is concerned with cloud security, especially if sensitive data is moved to the cloud. Cloud data can be lost due to human error, malicious attack, or an act of nature leading to loss of data. Talk to us today and learn how our Managed Detection Cyber Security Services can help your business.

Insecure access control points

Cloud storage enhances accessibility. However, the main worry is what if the Application Programming Interfaces that allow user interaction are insecure? What if these systems have exploitable vulnerabilities that can allow attackers to access sensitive data? At Defensity, our vulnerability testing experts can assist your business identify theseweaknesses .

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Cloud VS On Premise Security

With increased cyber security attacks, data security is becoming paramount for every organisation. As a small business, when you decide to move your data from on-premise to cloud storage, it is vital to assess how secure  the cloud infrastructure is. Also, you should evaluate which is the best cloud storage for your business, and devise the best cloud migration strategies. 

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Cloud Security vs on premise
Cloud security network penetration testing

Network Penetration Testing

Our network penetration testing services help to identify vulnerabilities before they are exploited by attackers. Test your cloud security management system’s ability to withstand attacks through simulated real-life attacks. We help SMBs protect their network and keep cyber criminals at bay.

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Cyber Security Consultancy

Adopting a cloud solution requires due diligence to ensure the cloud vendor can guarantee data security. 

At Defensity, we are experts in delivering quality cloud consultation services when things go wrong. We understand that every customer’s needs are different, speak to one of our friendly experts today to discover actionable solutions to all your cloud security problems.

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