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Our advanced cyber security solutions proactively secure your organisational resources from the latest security threats and vulnerabilities.


At Defensity, we deliver clear cyber security solutions to cater to all business needs

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Company Size

At Defensity, we understand that each business has individual cyber security needs based on its size. 

Discover how our custom cyber security solutions can help your organisation.


Many startups have a high probability of digital compromise, because they do not have a proficient inbuilt security infrastructure and articulated policies. At Defensity, we understand that there are mission-critical tasks that require your attention. We offer consultancy services on many cyber security solutions including GDPR compliance, penetration testing, and Third-party risk management.



While you might think your Microbusiness doesn’t have anything valuable for a hacker, the truth is your business has valuable data that can attract hackers, including personal data and more sensitive information . Our comprehensive cyber security solutions will help keep your data safe and give you peace of mind to focus on what matters.


Many small businesses become bankrupt when faced with a cyber security attack. As a result, a small business should not be satisfied with just a little security. You can secure your business today with our effective , easy to use, affordable and comprehensive solutions. At Defensity, we are the leading cyber security solution vendor in the UK.


Medium businesses can have a lot of critical data. Your business can generate this data either internally or from external business partners. As a result, business owners are mostly worried in case of a data breach. At Defensity, we understand the magnitude of what you are dealing with. That is why we offer comprehensive cyber security solutions to ensure that your data is secure from internal and external attacks.


Security Type

Getting to grips with cyber security needn’t be as daunting as you might think. Whatever challenges your business faces, we have solutions ready and waiting.

  • Application Security
  • Network Security
  • Wireless Security
  • Cloud Security
  • Endpoint Security

Application Security

We offer excellent application security services at every stage of developing the application. At Defensity, we offer comprehensive application security services, including Secure Development Training, Secure Code Reviews, Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing services.

Network Security

Your network infrastructure is a lucrative target for external and internal attacks. Are you confident that your network can withstand network attacks? Our network penetration testing helps understand your servers’ security status, firewalls, routers, VPN, and other critical network infrastructure. 

Wireless Security

Having an insecure Wireless network can open up your organisational resources to different cybersecurity attacks that could compromise your critical data and information. Our wireless penetration testing services will help disclose weak substandard wireless technologies and protocols and misconfigured access points.


Our cloud security services include the services you require to facilitate a smooth transition from on-premise to a secure cloud environment. Our friendly experts can help you conduct a cloud risk assessment, cloud incident and response mechanism, and compliance audit.

Endpoint Security

As organisations adopt remote working strategies, each remote connection induces an increased security threat. Defensity endpoint security solutions relieve the burden of managing endpoint devices. We have implemented an intelligent software that avails advanced endpoint protection required by the current hybrid workplace.

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At Defensity, we have comprehensive cyber security solutions for every type of business deployment. 

Discover custom solutions to benefit your business.



At Defensity, we understand that moving data to the cloud requires proper understanding and technical expertise on how to implement and secure cloud resources. Through collaboration, our experts can help you assess your cloud security strategies, vendor security policies and infrastructure.

On Premise


On-premise data ownership can be a challenge for many organisations. Due to limited resources, many companies are unable to provide security up to the required standard. At Defensity, we help you assess your network and storage resources to unearth vulnerabilities, offer cyber-attack response strategy, and consultation services to help you grow your business. 




Hybrid security requires a combined effort from your company and the cloud service provider. As a result, it becomes challenging when your company and the cloud vendor uses different technologies. At Defensity, we offer consultation services to help you select the best cloud service resources based on your needs. Our experts also provide accredited Hybrid security to guarantee data security. 

Zero Trust Architecture

Zero trust architecture allows businesses to prioritise access and restrictions. The main strategy is to create a zero-trust policy across all company network traffic to ensure no user, application or devices put the network at risk. 





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