Cyber Security for Small Businesses

It is a misconception among many small business owners that the smaller the business, the lower the chances of being targeted and the smaller the risks. In reality, cyber security for small businesses is imperative, with 67% of small businesses in the US and UK being hit by cyber attacks in 2018, leading to some businesses spending up to a million pounds in damages.

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What does Cyber Security for Small Businesses Entail?


Small businesses use computer systems to store their data, enterprise applications to access and work on their data and the internet to send and retrieve the data. Their cyber security, therefore, entails securing all these elements from cyber threats.


What are the Challenges around Cyber Security for Small Businesses?


In case of a security breach in a company that leads to personal information disclosure, the company assumes the liability. These liabilities sometimes run into millions of pounds – for instance, under GDPR, companies pay up to 4% of their annual revenue. The company also risks having a damaged reputation.


To avoid all these risks, small-sized businesses need to have robust cyber security that protects their systems and data from cybercriminals. Unfortunately, there are challenges around cyber security for small-sized businesses:


Lack of awareness

Virtually all the cyber-attacks hitting the mainstream media involves big corporations; this has created a wrong impression that small businesses are not among the targets for cybercriminals. With this impression, small businesses are giving cyber security a wide berth.

Lack of adequate resources

Cyber security involves regular analysis to identify vulnerabilities and additional financial resources to purchase cybersecurity tools. All these require funding, but unfortunately, small businesses commonly operate on budget constraints.


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Specialist Services Delivered by Experts

Cyber Essentials Certification

As a Certification Body for Cyber Essentials, Defensity can help your business through the certification process and give you direct consultancy to any questions you may have regarding the Cyber Essentials Standard.

Cyber Incident Response

At Defensity, our professional cyber incident response team can help you recover your business quickly after cyber attacks & security breaches. More importantly, our cyber security consultancy services for SMEs, can help you take steps to prevent major incidents.

Consultancy Starter Pack

Defensity offers 24/7 on-demand cyber security consultancy services starting at just £149 per month. With our Consultancy Starter Pack, you get to reach out instantly to a professional cyber security consultant, whenever you need security advice or technical support.

Network Security Package

Ideal solution packages for small & medium businesses at very affordable prices.  These solution packages are designed to strengthen the most vulnerable parts of a businesses cyber security posture.

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