Who we are

Welcome to Defensity

Defensity Cyber Security is a newly formed Cyber Security company based in London / Essex.

We are in business to design and offer bespoke IT Security Solutions for Micro / Small / Medium sized Enterprises (SME). We offer 3rdParty IT Governance & certification, Risk Management, Security Testing, Incident Response, Managed Detection & Response, Third Party Assurance & ISO/GDPR compliance. Aside from these core services, we also offer a much wider range of consultancy services, through to assurance and remedial works.

Our team is passionate about Cyber security and we aim to advise and secure companies against the everyday risks that are prevalent in today’s age. Defensity Ltd is prepared to work incredibly hard and to go the extra mile for our customers, whilst building a solid business structure, which will help to grow and sustain our Cyber Security Business.

The management team are experienced IT Professionals with high level technical and managerial qualifications. With our extensive knowledge of business, holistic view of security and associated technologies it makes for a formidable product.


Our value to the customer is in the helping business understand the risk to their business goals and objectives as it relates to their current security posture. We develop information security strategies aligned with the customers strategic business goals. By implementing various services we offer with a holistic security approach in mind.


After everything is said and done, security needs to add to a companies bottom line – which is best done by Key Performance Indicators and reporting. We show our customers how our Security efforts help to avoid or reduce clearly measurable risk.


Security is something you integrate into your business, not install on top. Cyber security is an exercise in revenue protection through avoiding losses to productivity, reputation, IP etc. , not to mention regulatory fines through GDPR


As we know, value is in the eye of the beholder. IT products and services are often hard for the business to understand and see. We must help our customers understand and open their eyes to risk and remediation. Customers may see our offerings as adding inconvenience or cumbersome steps in business processes. At Defensity, we take the time to develop a concise explanation of what problem we’re solving and why we are the right company to do it.


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