On Premise Security

On Premise Security

In today’s enterprise world, businesses must consider many things in their operations. One of them is deciding whether their IT infrastructure should be outsourced to a cloud service provider or hosted on site. While some companies may prefer hosting their services on the cloud, others cannot do this due to various reasons, one of them being security. Learn how you can master your organisation’s on premise security by contacting us today.

What is On Premise Security?

An on-premise software or service is one that is hosted or installed locally on a company’s own computers or servers. On-premise security measures are implemented on these systems to ensure that a certain level of privacy and confidentiality is attained for organization’s data and processes. Although the cloud environment has its security advantages, the on-premise environment, despite some known drawbacks and cost of implementation, still makes more sense to some organisations and services. For instance, companies and organisations that store sensitive information, such as those in the banking and security sectors and government agencies, require particular security and privacy levels that can only be assured on-premise.

On Premise Security Challenges

Every business wants enhanced security for its systems. A secure system enhances the availability of data and information and ensures privacy and confidentiality. However, there are some challenges in the implementation of on-premise systems that must be understood and dealt with accordingly.

High overhead costs

The cost of purchasing hardware, security team and software required to implement a secure environment successfully is high. Although, the initial costs of moving to the cloud might be high, it offers some security features unavailable on site.

Scalability issues

Scalability is another weak point. If an organisation with on-premise systems experiences an increase in its computing needs, it has to invest in new and expensive infrastructure. This includes security personnel, hardware, and software. If the needs decline in the future, the excess capacity remains.

Expensive replacement

The cost of replacing the outdated or dysfunctional systems is often high. Hiring new employees to replace those that leave can also be equally challenging and expensive.

Regulatory compliance challenges

Unlike the cloud, companies might face challenges in this area. Things such as cost may impact an organisation's capacity to carry out due diligence and mitigate risks. According to Gartner, more than 95% of security incidences such as phishing are due to employee fault. With the right resources and training, these issues can be fixed. Sadly, many organisations lack enough resources to do so.

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On Premise vs. Cloud Security

On-premise security describes servers and data that are located in an office. It is also made up of backup and disaster recovery tools needed to extract data when there is a network failure. The organisation is responsible for managing and maintaining the network, unless the information system owner decides to outsource it. On-premise security offers the ability to customise controls and additional security measures, such as firewalls and others compared to the cloud.

On Premise Security vs Cloud Security
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Adopting an on premise solution requires due diligence to ensure your IT Team can guarantee data security. At Defensity, we are experts in delivering quality on premise  consultation services when things go wrong. We understand that every customer’s needs are different, speak to one of our friendly experts today to discover actionable solutions to all your on premise security problems.

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