Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security provides comprehensive protection of your network or cloud systems, ensuring that your organisation is adequately prepared and fully protected against malicious campaigns.


At least 68% of organisations were casualties of malicious endpoint attacks targeted at their infrastructure in 2019. Contact an expert today to find out more

What is Endpoint Security?

Endpoint security refers to the processes put in place to protect entry points of your end-user systems such as mobile devices, laptops, and desktops from being accessed by unauthorised or malicious individuals or campaigns. Your cloud and network systems connect several devices, known as endpoints. Hackers and other sinister groups can exploit such entry points to gain unauthorised access into your network.

Regardless of the size, most organisations are vulnerable to hackers, crime syndicates, unauthorised insiders and other external security threatcsEndpoint security is often at the forefront of your organisation’s cybersecurity efforts and serves as the initial defence for safeguarding the data associated with devices linked to your network. – ROBOTO 19  1.3 / -0.5 @ 500 weight

Why Organisations Must Strengthen Their Endpoint Security

All devices connected to your cloud or network service are endpoints. Furthermore , potential targets that adversaries can seek to exploit for nefarious activities. Today, IoT (Internet of Things) and BYOD (bring your own device) have become widely adopted, and organisations can have hundreds or even thousands of endpoints that can be hacked. As endpoints continue to evolve and increase, it has become imperative to adopt a robust cybersecurity solution to protect your business or organisation.

Endpoint Security for your organisation will have the following elements:

Comprehensive web security to protect you from malware online

Advanced antivirus/antimalware protection to detect, protect and isolate malware threats across various endpoints

Robust firewall to stop unauthorised network access and attacks

Data loss and data classification security to prevent data breach

Consolidated endpoint security management system to simplify cybersecurity operations

Email security to stop phishing attempts and social engineering aimed at your employees

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