Who We Are

Welcome to Defensity Cyber Security


Defensity is one of the top Cyber Security Companies in London, we have always believed that every SMB should have instant access to everything they need to stay safe and secure in the digital age. It’s an approach that’s seen us work across a multitude of different industries, providing the timely assistance and expert input it can be so hard to find.

An Investment in Your Future

When you’re budgeting it can be hard to see where the Return on Investment of cyber security will come from. What we do is work with you from day one to show you that cyber security isn’t just something that sounds good on paper, but something that saves you a significant amount of time, money, and effort from having to address critical data breaches.

We think of it as an investment every business should make, and one that allows you to safeguard your future with the click of a button.

The Strategic Approach to Risk Management

Building a business is a time-consuming process, and to stay ahead of the competition you cannot afford to break stride. It’s why we create bespoke technical solutions which allow you to take a strategic approach to managing and minimising risk. Our expert team will get to know your needs as they were our own, and will make the targeted recommendations that ensure your business has the safeguards it needs.

Taking Care Of the Fine Details

We know the language of IT security isn’t for everyone, which is why we take care of the fine details so you don’t have to. Whether you need a bespoke solution, staff training, managed detection and response, or you just know you want to keep your business safe, we’re always available.

By dealing in nothing but plain English every step of the way, we ensure you always understand your options. Just what you need for the peace of mind money can’t buy.