Cyber Essentials

Cyber Security Certification UK | NCSC Certification for Businesses


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Cyber Essentials, Same Day Certification

NCSC Cyber Essentials is an official UK cyber security certification scheme. Accreditation demonstrates to your customers and industry partners, that your business IT systems are secure against all common cyber security threats.


Cyber Essentials Plus

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What is Cyber Essentials Accreditation?

Cyber Essentials is a UK Government-backed, cyber security certification scheme that educates you on how to protect your IT infrastructure from common security threats. Accreditation is considered vital for SMEs.


Cyber Essentials Vs IASME Governance

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Cyber Essentials – Your Cyber Security Certification Path to NCSC Accreditation


NCSC Cyber Essentials is a UK Government-backed program that outlines five basic controls businesses need to implement to protect themselves from common cyber security threats.

At Denefisity, we guide you through the NCSC cyber security certification process, by auditing what controls you have in place already. We then outline what further defensive actions you need to implement to satisfy basic NCSC requirements.

  • NCSC Cyber Essentials puts you on a fast-track cyber security certification path toward compliance with minimum UK cyber security standards.
  • When you work with Defensity, it is possible to qualify for basic NCSC Cyber Essentials accreditation in under 24-hours.
  • NCSC cyber security certification allows you to advertise in directories of NCSC approved businesses.



Qualify For Free Cyber Liability Insurance Cover 

At Defensity, we are an official Cyber Essentials and IASME certification body. Because of this, we can help you gain IASME and NCSC accreditation quickly.

When your business gains NCSC Cyber Essentials certification, you also qualify for up to £25,000 of free cyber liability insurance cover. Find out more now by speaking to one of our team.