The Ultimate Business Continuity Plan Checklist

Businesses face risks from all areas. These risks range from environmental threats to cyber threats that can compromise a business’s IT resources. All […]

What is a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer?

  What is a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer: Why and When to Hire One?   In an era of cloud computing and […]

Top data protection tips: How to secure your passwords and personal information in 2021

Knowing how to protect your organisation against cyber threats is increasingly important in today’s digital age. Implementing best practice policies is often a […]

Cyber Security for Charities – Are You Eligible?

Might your UK charity one day succumb to cyber criminals? As alarming as it might sound, there is a high likelihood that you […]

GDPR Subject Access Requests – How to Handle Compliantly

If you are an online business or even a blogger in 2020, you must know how to handle GDPR Subject Access Requests. In […]

Network Security & Windows 7 End of Life – What Do You Need to Know?

January 14th this year was the official Windows 7 end of life date. This means that Windows 7 no longer receives critical security […]

Cyber Security Courses: Top 5 Free Courses for Average PC Users

Taking cyber security courses can help boost your UK job prospects. However,  courses can also be beneficial for everyday PC users. At present, […]


Disinformation is a Form of Cyber Attack – How Should You Respond? You know what disinformation is. At this point, you can’t not […]

Coronavirus Scam

Coronavirus Scams and Cyber Security Threats You Need to Know About The Covid-19 crisis is putting a major strain on UK businesses and […]

Benefits of Managed Security Services Provider

Managed Security Services Provider (MSSPs) provide a expert security services before, during and after a cyber attack.   Before a hypothetical attack, our […]

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