Total Network Security Solutions for Small Businesses

Defensity Network Security Solutions for Small Businesses

Computer viruses are constantly evolving. However, antivirus software alone is not enough to keep networks secure.

Office staff can compromise small business network security without realising.

Hackers can quickly identify poorly protected networks.

Out of date software can make it easy for cybercriminals to access networks.

At Defensity, we know that small business IT budgets can be tight. However, we don’t believe that network security should suffer as a result. We, therefore, provide industry-leading, yet affordable security solutions.

Network Security Solutions for Small Businesses

Small businesses are the primary target of modern hackers. Few invest in top-notch network security.

Hackers know this. Many, therefore, consider small businesses easy pickings.

Thankfully, we provide network security solutions for small businesses that can keep businesses protected.

The UK’s Best Small Office Firewall

A firewall is a software that sits between a computer and the Internet.

When information is sent between computers, it is sent in packets. A firewall checks all these packets as they are transmitted. A firewall will also block network access whenever packets seem suspicious.

On occasion, firewalls can make mistakes. However, we counter this problem. To do this, we provide fully managed firewall protection to businesses.

What is a Managed Firewall?


Hackers plan to access networks the same way burglars plan to break into houses. They scope networks for weaknesses. Many will probe to see what security is in place. Hackers may also disguise themselves as friendly network users.

Cyber thieves know how network security works. Because of this, it is not always possible for a firewall to identify suspicious activity. We address this problem. To do so, we install firewalls and also monitor network traffic remotely. If an intruder is probing your network, we’ll know.

We Offer 2 Tiers of Network Security Solutions for Small Businesses

Some businesses are more at risk of cyber security threats than others. Because of this, we offer 2 tiers of network security.


Advanced Managed Firewall Security

Defensity Advanced security provides businesses with the UK’s best small office firewall. We install our firewall hardware on to your network. We also set up security policies. Then we monitor all your network traffic for you.


  • Benefit from a secure firewall and support and full monitoring during office hours.
  • Set your firewall to automatically block viruses.
  • Detect botnet attacks in real-time.
  • Block intrusion attempts and traffic from suspicious websites.
  • Prevent or report GDPR data leaks.
  • Benefit from a completely bespoke IT security policy.
  • Put plans in place to respond to hacks and data breaches.
  • Benefit from quarterly threat assessments.
  • Get on-demand support from our cybersecurity consultants

Ultimate Managed Firewall Security

Defensity Ultimate Security provides all the benefits of Defensity advanced security. However, we add to these by equipping businesses with complete endpoint security. This includes the provision of real-time antivirus and network vulnerability scans.

  • Benefit from enterprise-level network protection.
  • Get real-time support outside of business hours.
  • Secure networks with complete endpoint security. (Including, antivirus and anti-exploit protection.)
  • Automatically isolate compromised computers.
  • Benefit from monitoring of network user behavior.
  • Analyse threats from outside and also inside your business.
  • Benefit from quarterly external vulnerability scans.
  • Improve security with  advanced threat assessments.
  • Get full business GAP analysis following industry standards.

In every case, our security solutions prevent common cyber attacks. At the same time, security measures we put in place also deter hackers from trying to access networks. If your security is breached, we can help you lock down your network quickly.

Don’t put your security at risk. Instead, call or contact Defensity today. When you do, we’ll help you understand what level of protection you need. We will also tailor our security solutions to match your specific business needs.

Enterprise level Firewall & Support during Business Hours
Firewall Features: Web / Content Filtering | Gateway AntiVirus | Intrusion Prevention | Application Control | BOTNET Detection
Mobile Security Services - Protection against the latest threats targeting mobile devices
Management Reporting of Key metrics: Websites Visited & Threats
GDPR Assistance with Data Leak Prevention - Block or alert when sensitive data is being sent i.e credit card details, National insurance number etc
Qualified IT Security solutions architect available to speak to for all Cyber Security related advice
Fully bespoke IT Security Policy
Business Incident Response plan creation
Security Awareness: Newsletters / Security bulletins
*** Free onboarding & Installation
Enterprise level Firewall, with support out of business hours
All the features of Advanced plus:
Endpoint Client Security Agent - combined Antivirus, Vulnerability Scan, Patch Management & Anti Exploit
Automatic Isolation for Compromised Hosts
Quarterly External Vulnerability Scans
Insider Threat Analytics
User Entity Behaviour Analysis
Full GAP Analysis in accordance with industry standards
Threat Hunting
BEST Solution for Small & Medium businesses
*** Free onboarding & Installation

Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal is to provide the best customer service and to answer all of your support questions in a timely manner.

After our initial discussion to work out your companies ideal solution, we look to source equipment and onboard new clients within 10 working days.

Defensity Ltd employs CISSP credentialed employees who have worked hard for certification for many years. The holders are ethically bound to work in your best interests and above the law.

The answer is Yes! We sell most of our products individually as well as in Packages – you will find the Packages produce the best value for money.

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