Cyber Threat Assessment Program

Perfect for Businesses to ascertain their Cyber Risk levels

Cyber Threat Assessment Program

Defensity’s Cyber Threat Assessment Program is a framework designed to assist you with a quick, easy insight into your security posture.

Your network is a complex set of interactions between applications, users and content at risk from sophisticated threats, botnets and advanced malware. To manage the complexities and block the threats requires greater visibility and performance than traditional network firewalls can provide.

The Cyber Threat Assessment Program provide you with an unprecedented insight into security and threat prevention, user productivity and network utilization without compromising performance or adding



Are you concerned that your current security infrastructure may not accurately detect today’s sophisticated attacks? Do you have the operational visibility to understand how applications (traditional and web-based) are truly being utilized on your network? Is your current security solution able to sustain present-day throughput demands despite increased traffic volume (perhaps due to cloud based storage, big data analytics or increased web usage)? If you are asking any of these questions, the Cyber Threat Assessment Program is for you!

Validate your network’s current security effectiveness, application usage, and performance by enlisting expert guidance. A Fortinet expert will use a FortiGate to monitor key indicators within your network. After several days of gathering information, you will receive a Cyber Threat Assessment Report which is divided into three primary sections:

  • Security and Threat Prevention – How effective is your current network security solution?

Learn more about more about application vulnerabilities are attacking your network, which malware/botnets were detected and even pinpoint “at risk” devices within your network. Make sure your existing security solution isn’t letting anything slip through the cracks by leveraging FortiGuard Labs’ award-winning content security.

  • User Productivity – How are applications and web resources used within your network? Discover how peer to peer, social media, instant messaging and other application subcategories are being utilized within your network. Verify that usage of your traditional client-server and web-based applications are operating in accordance with your corporate use policies.


  • Network Utilization and Performance – How should your network security solution be optimized for performance? Find out more about your throughput, session and bandwidth requirements during peak hours. Ensure your security solution is sized and optimized properly based on your actual usage.


  • Obtaining a Cyber Threat Assessment Report will give you unmatched insight into your current security posture and network activity. Learn more about your network by registering for a complimentary assessment today!


What happens during a Threat Assessment?

  • We arrive at your office and install an appliance that looks at everything on your network
  • Duration typically takes 3-7 business days
  • Assessment report available within 2 days after receiving log files
  • Report output is in PDF format
  • We will present our insights into your network

What will my Report Contain?

• Performance – an entire report section dedicated to network utilization/performance.

  • Top Hosts by bandwidth
  • Hosts with highest session counts

• At risk hosts chart – We utilize client reputation to determine the trustworthiness of individual hosts.

  • Total Attacks Detected
  • Evasive Applications Detected

• Advanced persistant threat Detection

  • File Sharing Applications
  • Bandwidth Consuming Applications
  • BOTNET Infections
  • High Risk applications
  • Vulnerable Applications
  • Malware, Spyware and adware


  • User Productivity
  • Application Usage
  • Top Social Media Applications
  • Top Video / Audio Applications
  • Top Gaming
  • Web Usage – Top Web Categories / Web Applications / Domains


Does this have a cost?

The cost of this service is free if you purchase any of Defensity’s services.

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