Cyber Security Threat Assessment Program

Perfect for Businesses to ascertain their Cyber Risk levels

How We Assess Cyber Security Threats

At Defensity, we offer a Cyber Threat Assessment Program that identifies every weak spot in your current security framework. Our program is designed to give your business complete peace of mind when it comes to cyber security threats.

When cyber security threats manifest they do so for several reasons.

  • Out of date software and physical IT infrastructure can heighten attack risks.
  • Human processes and communication methods can result in exposure to cyber security threats.
  • Not using security software and tools specific to your IT infrastructure and business processes can heighten attack threats.

We address all the above concerns. To do this, our assessment program analyses your current IT hardware, software, and day to day business processes. We then analyze the susceptibility of your network to known cyber security and social engineering attack vectors.

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Assessment of Cyber Security Threats

Do you know what cyber security threats your business faces? It may come as a surprise, but threats aren’t always universal. Specific threats can affect specific businesses and specific IT systems.

At Defensity, we assess what cyber security threats pose the most significant risk to your business. We then identify what cyber security services and preventative measures will help you stay secure.

Prevent Cyber Security Threats and Increase Network Performance

The Defensity, Cyber Threat Assessment Program isn’t just about preventing security threats and costly data breaches. During assessments, we also identify ways to improve the performance of existing IT systems.

  • We identify resource intensive processes and outdated tech that impede business operations.
  • Our analysts identify ways to free up network resources and boost operational efficiency.
  • We help identify more affordable and more secure data storage solutions, IT hardware, and software applications.

Prevent threats and improve security

What Happens During a Threat Assessment?

What Happens During a Threat Assessment? 

How a Defensity Cyber Threat Assessment works is simple. To start, we will attend your workplace. Next, we will install a device that allows us to monitor your network. Over the next 3-7 days, this will allow is to identify what hardware and software you use during normal business operations.

Once we have gathered data, we start analyzing our findings. This will typically take 2-3 working days. When complete, we will proivide you with a report detailing our findings.

Typically reports include:

Identification of easy to exploit software and network vulnerabilities.

  • Existing suspicious network traffic.
  • A breakdown of your susceptibility to to common attack threats.
  • Critical vulnerabilities in software applications.
  • Web security and hosting threats.
  • Social engineering attack vulnerabilities.
  • Existing malware and virus infections.

With every report, we will also analyze the performance of your network. We will also provide recommendations concerning critical threats that it is necessary to patch as soon as possible.

Are You Taking Your Network Security For Granted?

In the UK, the number and the cost of cyber attacks on businesses is rising. With new GDPR rules, it is also vital for businesses to now prevent attacks that can result in employee and consumer data breaches.

Don’t leave your security to chance. Contact Defensity today to know where your vulnerabilities lie and how to address these quickly.


Most frequent questions and answers

Depending on your organisations physical location and network complexity you could be eligible for a free trial.

We usually leave our equipment in place for 7 working days. This gives us the best overall insight into your network.

We will assist as much as we can do after the report has been generated – though it is worth noting that technical recommendations by us will need to be implemented by your own technicians.

Yes – your IT person / team will need to free up a (mirrored) port on your router / firewall. This will give us somewhere to plug in our equipment which will start logging immediately.

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