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Is your website and your core IT infrastructure secure? Everything might seem fine. However, only with professional vulnerability testing will you know for sure.

At Defensity, we probe for vulnerabilities in your applications and network to ensure that your business is 100% secure. In doing so, we help you thwart cyber security threats before they manifest.

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Vulnerability Testing turn your device security on

What is Vulnerability Testing?


Vulnerability testing is used by businesses to test the resilience of IT networks to hacks and data breaches,

At Defensity, we operate just like cyber criminals do when looking for weaknesses in your network. Just like them, we meticulously scan operating systems, the applications you use, and your network, for accidentally left open pots and critical weaknesses.


  • Vulnerability testing sees us monitor networks for unsecured authentication processes and data leaks.
  • Unlike other security companies, we don’t just use automated tools to scan networks for vulnerabilities. As well as using these, we also manually asses networks for security weaknesses.
  • We use a three-step vulnerability scanning process. This way, we can guarantee testing accuracy and easily identify false positive test results.

After scanning business networks and IT systems, we carefully analyze test results. When we discover vulnerabilities, we attempt to identify the cause, severity and impact of these on business operations.

Internal and External Application Vulnerability Testing

To ensure that we never leave any stone unturned, we conduct three vulnerability testing scans of client networks.

Internal Vulnerability Testing

During internal vulnerability testing, we conduct scans of you physical IT infrastructure. These allow us to identify security flaws arising due to use of out of date and improperly configured hardware.

During internal vulnerability testing, we also make sure that operating systems and software applications are up to date, secure, and patched to protect against known threats like Heartbleed and EternalBlue.

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Use Vulnerability Testing to predict how hackers will test your security

External Security Scans

The majority of cyber criminals who attempt to comprise your network will do so via web-facing devices and applications. Common modes of attack include scanning for unsecured data transfer protocols and improperly configured services on servers.

With all our clients, we scan web-facing security perimeters. When we discover potential threats, we then assess how critical these are. We then look at ways to mitigate threats as expeditiously as possible.

Web Application Vulnerability Scanning


Your business website is online 24/7. It is, therefore, essential that your site and any consumer data you collect is as secure as possible.

During web application vulnerability testing, we attempt to circumvent web application security. If we can get access to sensitive data, so can a malicious third party. Thankfully, when we discover security flaws, we will help you patch these quickly

Web Application Vulnerability Scanning
Business man considering Vulnerability Testing for Payment Processors

Vulnerability Testing for Payment Processors

Do you process payments online or in-store across your network? If so, to stay compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), you need to conduct vulnerability testing every 90-days.

As of 2018, it is also a legal requirement that any personally identifiable data you collect on consumers must be anonymized and never shared without consumer consent. Thankfully, Defensity vulnerability scanning can help you stay compliant with both PCI DSS and new data privacy legislation.

Is Your Network Secure?


It is vitally important in 2020, never to take your IT infrastructure security for granted. To avoid fines and disruption to your business, contact Defensity today to test your resilience to hackers and cyber criminals.

Vulnerability Testing to prevent hackers


Most frequent questions and answers

We can, however we may recommend a Penetration Test for Websites for a better return on investment.

During Pen Testing we don’t just check to see if the target is vulnerable, we actually try to break in to the system.

This depends entirely on the amount of devices you have on your network or the complexity of your website. Please contact us for a rough estimate.

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