Security Testing

Cyber Security Threat Assessments

There are two ways to find out if your business IT infrastructure is secure. Either you can wait for a security breach to happen — or you can invest in cyber security testing to identify security threats preemptively. — At Defensity, we advise the latter approach.

Vulnerability Testing

Hackers rarely stage brute-force attacks on businesses. Often, it’s far easier to exploit existing security loopholes in software apps and your network security perimeter. Defensity cyber security testing prevents this by scouring your network for vulnerabilities ahead of time.

Network Penetration Testing

Network penetration testing is required by law if you process electronic payments of any kind. At Defensity, we, therefore, use state-of-the-art cyber security testing tools to simulate cyber attacks and in doing so, ensure that your security perimeter is 100% secure.

Website Penetration Testing

Defensity website penetration testing sees our cyber security testing experts stage simulated attacks on business websites and consumer-facing Web Applications. In doing so, we help improve application security & help you comply with UK Payment Services Regulations.




Affordable Cyber Security Testing for UK SMEs


UK and EU Network and Information Systems Regulations mandate that businesses perform cyber security testing regularly to safeguard against unauthorized system access and data breaches.


Failure to perform regular cyber security testing or meet the requirements of the NIS Regulations can result in hefty fines. However, many small business are not in a position to perform comprehensive cyber security testing in-house.


At Defensity, we help small to medium-sized enterprises stay compliant with NIS regulations, by providing a comprehensive range of cyber security testing services.


State-of-the-Art Cyber Security Testing Tools & Testing Techniques


At Defensity, we utilize state-of-the-art cyber security testing tools to scan networks for critical vulnerabilities.


Using cyber security testing tools like Network Mapper, Metasploit, and Wireshark, we are able to quickly identify software and IT system architecture vulnerabilities. However, during cyber security testing, we don’t just scan business systems and networks for security weak spots.




Stay NIS Compliant with Comprehensive Penetration Testing


As well as cyber security testing for data leaks and software vulnerabilities, Defensity can stage simulated cyber security attacks on your business security perimeter.


When performing penetration testing, we use proprietary cyber security testing tools to scan for data leaks and measure the effectiveness of your existing cyber security defenses. Often, this sees us first use cyber security testing tools like Acunetix, to discretely scan networks for known exploits.


After reconnaissance is complete, we switch to using cyber security testing tools like Netsparker to attempt to exploit vulnerabilities and gain unauthorized access to business data and networks.


In every case, our aim is to identify potential exploits that real cyber attackers might one day take advantage of to undermine your network security.




Secure Your Security Perimeter Against Social Engineering Attacks


At Defensity, cyber security testing tools we use are capable of automatically detecting over 9,000 common cyber security vulnerabilities. However, not all cyber criminals will attempt to undermine your network security using brute-force.


Cyber criminals are often experts in social engineering. Rather than directly attack your security perimeter, many will, therefore, attempt to gain the trust of either you or your employees, before convincing you to hand over sensitive data.


at Defensity, we help prevent social engineering attacks, by staging mock attacks ourselves to determine whether you are at risk.


Keep your cyber security perimeter secure. Find out how cyber security testing can benefit your UK business, by reaching out to one of our team today.