Cyber Essentials Plus Certification

There are 65,000 attacks on small to medium businesses each day in the UK, with 4,500 of these hitting their target. Avoid financial and reputational loses by gaining your Cyber Essentials Plus Certification today.


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What is Cyber Essentials Plus Certification?

Cyber Essentials is a UK Government scheme that aims to help businesses protect themselves from common cyber security threats.


However, a basic Cyber Essentials self-assessment will not verify the actual integrity of your security posture. For this, you’ll need Cyber Essentials Plus Certification.


A technical audit must be performed within 3 months of your initial Cyber Essentials self assessment

It is a requirement for an assessor to perform a vulnerability scan on your internal and external network.

Businesses will need to re-certify annually for certification to remain valid.

Defensity Ltd is an Authorised IASME Cyber Essentials Plus Certification Body and not a third party reseller. This means we conduct the assessment ourselves with in house experts and can give the ultimate advice on what will pass and fail. 






How much does Certification Cost?

Cyber Essentials Plus Certification can vary highly depending on your IT estate and in house resources. Please contact us for a bespoke quotation. 

Why use Defensity for your Certification?

We include free rescans of your network should you fail the assessment - this means you will not incur any additional costs. Don't get caught out!

We can accommadate any special requirements you have, be it late night scans, onsite or offsite needs.

Free consultation to help you remediate any problem areas

Time from initial contact to first scan in just two days

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Cyber Essentials Plus Certification Benefits

Reduce 80% of Cyber Attacks

Having cyber security is vital for any modern business, gain peace of mind knowing that your organisation is protected

Cheaper Cyber Insurance Premiums

Brokers offer reduced premiums for organisations that have achieved Cyber Essentials certification.

Win new business

Gain a competitive edge and win new business by demonstrating your commitment to cyber security. Achieving Cyber Essentials certification enables you to work with the Government

Help towards GDPR Compliance

With data breach fines reaching 4% of global turnover, it is imperative to address cyber security concerns before it becomes too late

Demonstrate Security. Gain Trust

Show your customers, suppliers and partners that you are proactively addressing cyber security – you value their data and your relationship

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” I was struggling to get someone to complete our Cyber Essentials certificate, website after website, phone call after phone call and nobody seemed to know what was going on, then I met Rob at Defensity. From start to finish of the process it was simple. I would 100% recommended this company to other people. “


Curt Blunt Managing Director | Midland IT Specialists

Why Do I Need Cyber Essentials Plus?

The purpose of the UK’s Cyber Essentials scheme is simple. Certification in the form of a self-assessment demonstrates to your consumers that you are security-aware. Fulfilling extra Cyber Essentials Plus requirements builds on this, by demonstrating that you have proven resilience to common cyber security threats.

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How do I get Cyber Essentials Plus Certification?

To satisfy basic Cyber Essentials Plus requirements, you will first need to complete a basic Cyber Essentials self-assessment. Once you gain Cyber Essentials Certification, you may then apply for Cyber Essentials Plus.


When you apply for Cyber Essentials Plus here at Defensity, we will schedule a time to independently assess what cyber security controls you currently have in place. Typically, we aim to validate the presence of controls in five key areas:


External Vulnerability Assessments

During external vulnerability assessments, our team at Defensity will audit the security of Internet-facing services like your website and customer payment portals.

Internal Patch Audits

Software and physical device firmware vendors regularly release patches for critical, product-specific security threats. During an internal patch audit, we will verify that you have up-to-date patches installed on all your critical business IT systems.


Malware Protection Audits

Malware and viruses can pose a critical threat to your business continuity. Worse, malware like ransomware can result in catastrophic data breaches. Our team at Defensity will, therefore, verify the integrity (and efficacy) of any anti-malware solution you are currently using.

Email Threat Assessments

Is the anti-malware solution you are currently using capable of automatically detecting malicious email attachments?

During email threat assessments, our team at Defensity will test to see whether malicious files can penetrate your email defenses. To do this, we will send test files to different email accounts associated with your organization.


Web-based Malware Assessments

By default, any anti-virus solution you use should be capable of detecting malicious files, before it is possible to download or install these from online. We will, therefore, attempt to download a small number of (benign) malicious files from one of our security test servers.

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Defensity is an Authorised Cyber Essentials & IASME Certification Body, you will only consult with qualified (CISSP) Security Professionals.


Frequently asked questions and answers

Cyber Essentials Plus can cost as little as £1500 for a small company with a simple setup. please contact us for an accurate price.

If your business fails, we will give some guidance on how to address the problem – our guidance and advice is completely free. We offer up to 3 rescans as part of our service. 

We can usually start Cyber Essentials Plus scans within 2/3 business days from initial contact. Please contact us for availability.

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