Cyber Essentials Certification

Cyber Essentials Certification

Protect your organisation from up to 80% of cyber security threats with Cyber Essentials Certification.

Gain the peace of mind that your organisation is prepared for the future and ready to win new business.

What is Cyber Essentials Certification?

Cyber Essentials is an industry-supported scheme, endorsed by the Government, to help protect organisations against common online threats. The scheme provides organisations with the opportunity to achieve two types of Cyber Essentials certification: 


Defensity is an Authorised IASME Cyber Essentials Certification Body

Cyber Essentials Certification Benefits

Reduce 80% of Cyber Attacks

Having cyber security is vital for any modern business, gain peace of mind knowing that your organisation is protected

Cheaper Cyber Insurance Premiums

Brokers offer reduced premiums for organisations that have achieved Cyber Essentials certification.

Win new business

Gain a competitive edge and win new business by demonstrating your commitment to cyber security. Achieving Cyber Essentials certification enables you to work with the Government

Help towards GDPR Compliance

With data breach fines reaching 4% of global turnover, it is imperative to address cyber security concerns before it becomes too late

Demonstrate Security. Gain Trust

Show your customers, suppliers and partners that you are proactively addressing cyber security – you value their data and your relationship

Do you need to renew Cyber Essentials?

Secure your organisation with just one click. Benefit from our price match and same day assessment offer for £300+ VAT

Payment includes access to the portal to submit your Cyber Essentials Question set. No consultancy included — if consultancy is required please use our live chat option

Why Does My Business Need Cyber Essentials Certification?

Cyber Essentials was launched in 2014, by the UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).

The goal of the Cyber Essentials scheme is to provide businesses with an assurance that suppliers, vendors, and other partners they work with, have adequate security controls in place to prevent data breaches.

Now in 2021, most organisations already have Cyber Essentials Certification. If you don’t, you’re in the minority. Your business might also be suffering as a result.


How much does Cyber Essentials cost?

With 32% of businesses experiencing a cyber security breach in the last year*, the time is now to invest in Cyber Essentials certification.

The average cost of a data breach is in the £1000’s. With Defensity, you can protect your business from as little as the cost of a weekly cup of coffee – ensuring return on investment and justifying your Cyber Essentials cost.

Please contact us directly so we can provide a customised quotation.

    Cyber Essentials

    Remote Assistance

    Fully Managed Support
    Support Included Cyber Essentials Certification Only Remote Support via Telephone Consultant Led with Video Conferencing
    Who is best served? Businesses with full-time tech support on-hand, and existing understanding of cyber security best practices. Companies that are cyber security-aware, but may have limited tech support personnel available.. Businesses with no technical support personnel and little existing network and cyber security know-how or experience
    Support We Offer
    • Access to IASME Governance & Cyber Essentials Portal
    • Results typically within 48 hours
    • Free Restest within 7 days
    • One-on-One Telephone Guidance with One of Our Team
    • Up to 6 Hours Remote Support
    • A Consultant led process with One of Our Team
    • Up to 12 Hours Remote Support
    • A Free Vulnerability Assessment of Your Current Website and Network

    £300 + VAT

    £549 + VAT

    Includes Cyber Essentials Certification
    (worth £300)

    £999 + VAT

    Includes Cyber Essentials Certification
    (worth £300)


    Our Price Promise

    Find a cheaper quote and we will match it.

    T&C’s apply

    Work with the Cyber Security Experts

    Experienced in delivering Cyber Essentials certification and supporting businesses through their cyber security journey

    Is cyber security coverage worth it?

    Secure Online Self Assessment

    Results Typically Within 24 Hours

    1 Free Retest

    1 Week Grace period to fix issues

    List of things cyber security insurance doesn't include

    £25000 Cyber Insurance

    14 Day money back guarantee

    (Excluding Certification Material Cost)

    Government Recognised Certification

    Protect Your Organisation for £6 a week

    How Cyber Essentials Certification Works

    Simply sign up using our easy to understand pricing table above, or speak to one of our expert staff today

    You will be sent a username to login to the Cyber Essentials Assessment portal, along with a password sent via text to your mobile.

    After completing the questionnaire, our experts will analyse your results and provide feedback on areas that may need addressing.

    Once all problem areas have been resolved and you have passed the assessment, we will send you your Cyber Essentials Certificate.

    Cyber Essentials is Vital for Modern Business Longevity

    In the age of GDPR and ever-increasing cyber security threats, it pays to take cyber security seriously. The risk to business relationships proves too great and may restrict business growth and development.


    When tendering contracts, neither government agencies or UK businesses will entertain bids from organisations without NCSC Cyber Essentials Certification. Doing so can put their credibility at risk.


    With Defensity, you can achieve Cyber Essentials Certification quickly and immediately improve your competitiveness and the credibility of your organisation.



    What is your next step after Cyber Essentials ?

    Discover our approach and the services we provide

    Why Get NCSC Cyber Essentials with Defensity?

    Hybrid security accreditation


    Work with Cyber Security Experts

    Defensity is an Authorised Cyber Essentials & IASME Certification Body, you will only consult with qualified (CISSP) Security Professionals.


    Most frequently asked questions and answers

    Defensity offers Cyber Essentials as a subscription service with all year round consultancy available. Please contact us for pricing.

    If your business fails, we will give some guidance on how to address the problem – our guidance and advice is completely free.

    Cyber Essentials Certification is valid for a 1 year period. Every year, your organisation will need to recertify.

    Chat with us NOW if you have any questions

    Defensity is an authorised Certification Body. Advice & Guidance is free.

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