Ransomware Virus Recovery

Ransomware Virus Recovery


Recover Your Data Fast

Ransomware is malware that debilitates business and personal computers. All computers are susceptible to ransomware. A ransomware attack can also be impossible to recover from. However, our ransomware virus recovery service can increase your chances.


What is Ransomware?

A ransomware attack occurs when a piece of malware encrypts all files on a computer. This prevents users from accessing or modifying files. In most cases, attackers will promise to decrypt files if computer users pay a ransom.


We understand the urgency that a ransomware outbreak can bring to a business. Please contact us on 020 3931 6340 and speak to a ransomware specialist within minutes.

Should You Pay Ransomware Attackers?


The UK NHS and several big businesses have all been hit by ransomware attacks. In many cases, businesses do pay ransoms. As a result, Ransomware virus creators earn £1 million each week. However, it is never advisable to pay attackers.

  • You have no guarantee that paying a ransom will recover your data.
  • Paying ransoms gives hackers access to payment information.
  • Businesses who pay ransoms are more likely to suffer future attacks.

Paying a ransomware virus creator tells them that you are an easy target. Attackers will also assume that the data you store on your computer is valuable. This makes you likely to become the target of more attacks.

Guarantee Fast Ransomware Virus Recovery by Backing up Data


The easiest way to recover from a ransomware attack is to regularly backup data.

Data backups won’t prevent a ransomware virus from encrypting your files. However, if you have a backup of these, you can simply reinstall your computer operating system. This will remove viruses and allow you to continue business as usual.

  • Create backups of files daily.
  • Consider syncing important data with cloud storage services like Dropbox.
  • Regularly make full backups of your files and operating system.

At Defensity, we can help you schedule automatic data backups. In doing so, you will be able to recover instantly from a ransomware attack. Backups also allow you to recover quickly from other virus threats.

Ransomware Virus Recovery Without Data Backups


If you have been infected by a ransomware virus, it will be too late to backup data. However, in a small number of cases, it may be possible to recover lost data. We cannot guarantee that this will be the case. However, we will let you know quickly if this is possible.


What do You Do When You Suffer a Ransomware Attack?


If you are experiencing a ransomware attack, don’t panic. Instead, disconnect your computer from the Internet. Make sure to also disconnect any drives and local network connections. Next, leave your computer running and call Defensity. Once you do. We will let you know what your best recovery options are.


Most frequent questions and answers

The honest answer is we don’t know until we look at your case on an individual basis. We will not make a charge unless we return your data in its completeness. The cost will be quoted upfront.

We will not charge you a penny. We will advise you on the best courses of action for prevention COMPLETELY FREE.

Your files may be returned either by USB Disk, or via a Secure website.

This is a possibility, we have seen cases of this recently. It is still unlikely though, as uploading data and storing it is time consuming and costly.

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