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What is Cyber Incident Response? 

Cyber incident response is part methodology, part practical action. On average, cyber attacks cost businesses £3.18 million per data breach per year. This means that the second an attack occurs, your business starts incurring hefty losses. Thankfully, this doesn’t have to be the case.

Having a cyber incident response plan in place helps counter financial losses and business disruption in real-time. At Defensity, we help implement response plans accordingly. We also offer on-demand, direct emergency response assistance.

What Does Cyber Incident Management Look Like?

At Defensity, we offer a range of real-time network security services. These include real-time security monitoring. We also help businesses implement security orientated standard operating practices.

When standard operating practices are in place, employees and senior managers will know how to react to specific attack threats. However, more urgent technical assistance might be necessary.

On-Demand Emergency Cyber Incident Response Support

If a cyber security threat were to manifest, would you know how to react? A successful cyber attack can take seconds. Cyber incident response teams, therefore, need to mobilize instantly.

Ransomware & Network Infiltration

Has ransomware made its way onto your office computers? Alternatively, have key company systems been infiltrated by hackers? If so, we can help. Whatever the nature of the crisis you are facing, support is just a phone call away.

  • We take deposits in advance to guarantee we will be on call 24/7 in the event of a crisis.
  • Our teams work with your IT, HR, legal, and PR departments to implement appropriate responses to threats.
  • We quickly patch flaws in your security infrastructure and assess the extent of damage and data breaches.

In every case, our prerogative is to minimize business downtime. At the same time, we ensure the security of sensitive data. When data breaches have already occurred, we also help you identify the scope of breaches and start contacting affected customers.

Our Response Process

When you call our cyber incident response team, we start a multi-step process of threat identification and eradication.

First, we identify whether you are dealing with a minor cyber security event or a full-blown incident. To do this, we start analyzing network traffic. This allows us to ascertain whether sensitive data has been stolen.

Next, we contain threats. This will typically see us lock down sensitive systems until we are 100% sure that attackers no longer have access. During eradication and recovery, we then remove threats and restore networks and IT infrastructure to full operability. In most cases, this will necessitate restoring systems using backups and recovery tools.

Why You Need a Cyber Incident Response Plan

Cyber security should never be taken for granted. Every data breach can result in crippling financial and reputation damage. In the case of small businesses, many never recover.

Don’t get caught out by avoidable security threats. Prevent and contain cyber security incidents by working with Defensity to protect the viability of your business. Contact Defensity today.


Most frequent questions and answers

Absolutely – a lot of our new customers come from incidents involving malware and data breaches. We offer a dynamic pricing model, which is based on clear pricing by the hour.

There cost will be estimated upfront, it will be a fixed price for a set amount of hours.

Some clients prefer to pay using a subscription model which is a set amount of hours per month to ensure we are available for them straight away. For clients that require Emergency Incident Response without being on a subscription plan we try our best to be there for them as soon as possible.

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