Incident Response on Demand

Choose from 3 Incident Response Plans

When would I use this service?

An Emergency Incident Response would be required if a critical issue you have is affecting business to the point where is it losing money. A typical example of this would be a Ransomware Attack – though we have plenty of inquiries from Clients that have clicked on as little as a phishing email and are worried about the repercussions so we run diagnostics from our incident response procedures.

Emergency Incident Response on Demand

Defensity is available from 7AM till 11PM and is able to take charge of the incident.


  • We do require a Deposit upfront but also understand your business may not be in a situation to make a payment also.
  • Call us on 020 3931 6340
  • Or Fill out the form below and we will get back to you within 1 hour.
  • This service costs £125 p/h


Incident Lifecycle:

We will perform an initial incident response assessment and provide this information to the business complete with the likely outcome & potential costs involved. If we are unable to achieve a result that is expected there will be no charge to the customer.

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