Virtual Cyber Security Managed On Demand

Defensity Offers two services for companies that require an On Demand Chief Information Security Officer


  • A monthly retainer fee for a set amount of hours and on demand usage. – vCiSo on Demand
  • A set fee to provide certain aspects of the role in a one off project. – Block Hours

Emergency Incident Response on Demand

Emergency Incident Response on Demand (New Customers)

As the number of breaches and attempted breaches are expected to grow exponentially over time, the ways in which we prepare have to change and adapt as well. In recent time, the focus has changed from a Defense-in-Depth approach to a Response-in-Depth strategy. The idea is not, “How do we protect ourselves if we are hacked?”, but “How do we respond to an attack when it happens?” These incident response capabilities are vital to an organization that wants to have peace of mind and assurance when the worst does happen.

An Emergency Incident Response would be a critical issue an existing or potential customer has that is affecting business to the point where is it losing money.  DCS is available from 7AM till 11PM and is able to take charge of the incident and will get back to you within 1 hour. This product is aimed at potential customers.

Incident Response Pay Monthly:

Your MSP probably doesn’t have the time nor is equipped to deal with the latest phishing email or containment of a nasty worm – we are. We are available on a retainer service and hours are billed at a largely discounted price.

Incident Response Pay as you go:

No retainer –  pay for the hours you use – this product has a premium attached to its cost.

Security Awareness Solutions

To get your employees up to speed about cyber security in the workplace and ensure they understand the role they have to play in maintaining your company’s protection. Our Security Awareness Training programme, delivered by one of our cyber experts, covers all the key points, using a range of techniques to engage and motivate your staff to work using best practice methods. The awareness solutions are delivered online, using powerpoint presentations combined with regular email advisories.


With the simulated phishing emails management will recieve a report regularly about how each user is doing with the program. With the implementation of this awareness program DCS will write a template for business leaders to send to everyone notifying them of Campaign and that if they ever click on a real phishing email that they should contact the Defensity Incident Response hotline / email.


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