What is Cyber Essentials Certification?

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In 2019, cyber security data breaches cost UK businesses over £34 billion. In almost every case, cyber attacks target sensitive consumer data. This can result in reputation damage and poor consumer trust in smaller bands. Thankfully, NCSC Cyber Essentials certification can change this.

What is NCSC Cyber Essentials Certification?

The UK is committed to being the safest place in the world to do business. In 2014, the National Cyber Security Center (NCSC), therefore, launched the Cyber Essentials certification scheme.

As part of the current certification scheme, the NCSC outlines several ways businesses can protect themselves from cyber security threats and data breaches. Businesses that can demonstrate robust security then receive official NCSC certification.

  • Defensity is an NCSC accredited Cyber Essentials Assessor.
  • Overall, 30,000 UK businesses benefit from NCSC Cyber Essentials certification.
  • Despite increasing cyber security threats, no Cyber Essentials certified business (to date) has fallen victim to major hacks or data breaches.

How Cyber Essentials Certification Works

How NCSC Cyber Essentials certification works is simple. In collaboration with top IT security professionals, the NCSC outlines several cyber security best practices.

  • Guidelines stipulate the use of firewalls to protect business network perimeters.
  • The NCSC recommends using strong passwords and also extra security steps like 2 Factor Authentication to protect networks and software applications.
  • Guidelines encourage businesses to use tools to secure administrative access to networks and software.
  • The NCSC recommends using antivirus software to prevent malware from infecting IT systems.
  • Businesses are encouraged to keep all software, operating systems, and device firmware up to date to reduce exposure to cyber security threats.

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When businesses can demonstrate adherence to all NCSC guidelines,  assessors like ourselves can issue official Cyber Essentials certificates. As a result, businesses are able to establish better trust among consumers and B2B clients.

Cyber Essentials Certification and GDPR

In May 2018, GDPR came into effect across the UK and Europe. As a result, businesses that fall victim to cyber attacks can face hefty fines.

In the event that a hack or data breach results in the loss of personally identifiable customer data, fines of up to 4% of your annual turnover can be issued by the UK Information Commissioner’s Office.

Cyber Essentials certification can’t itself guarantee full compliance with GDPR. However, security best practices outlined by the NCSC, do bring businesses closer to GDPR compliance by helping better protect sensitive consumer information.

Defensity and NCSC Certification for Your Business

At Defensity, we are a trusted assessor for the NCSC Cyber Essentials certification scheme. This means that we can audit your network and IT systems and certify your business as Cyber Essentials compliant

To discuss how your business can benefit, contact Defensity now to find out about your assessment options.


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Cyber Essentials can cost as little as £300 if you complete the assessement yourself. We offer consultancy hours to go with this.

If your business fails, we will give some guidance on how to address the problem – our guidance and advice is completely free.

Cyber Essentials Certification is valid for a 1 year period. Every year, your organisation will need to recertify.

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Defensity is an authorised Certification Body . Advice & Guidance is free.

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