IASME Governance Certification

IASME Governance Certification

The IASME Governance & GDPR standard can be mapped to the current international standard (ISO 27001) for information security management in business. IASME certification, therefore, helps you increase trust among consumers and fellow businesses.

At Defensity, we are an IASME Governance Certification body. This means that we can help you implement the IASME Governance & GDPR standard across your UK business.

IASME Governance Certification Basics

As a UK small business, you might already be familiar with the UK government-sponsored Cyber Essentials Scheme.
The goal of the Cyber Essentials Scheme is to help UK businesses put measures in place to counter common cyber security threats. However, the Cyber Essentials Scheme focuses on technical controls and does not define a set of best practices for managing sensitive consumer data.


By comparison, ISO 27001 outlines an international standard for the development, implementation, maintenance, and continual improvement, of Information Security Management Systems (ISMS).


In the UK, the IASME Governance standard provides a cost effective alternative to ISO 27001 that is designed for Small & Medium sized businesses that includes Cyber Essentials and helps businesses fulfill new EU and UK GDPR requirements.


IASME Governance comes in two forms, Self Assessment and Audited.

IASME Governance: Self Assessment & GDPR Business Benefits

IASME certification equips UK businesses with several benefits. First and foremost, IASME Governance & GDPR certification is available for just £400 with Cyber Essentials. By comparison, the total cost for full ISO 27001 certification can range from anything upto £50,000.

Of course, IASME certification is only a stepping stone on the path to full ISO 27001 accreditation. However, certification does help build trust between industry partners and consumers.

IASME Governance and Defensity

Defensity in the UK is an official IASME Governance Certification body & Auditor. This means that we regularly work with businesses that are attempting to achieve IASME certification. Because of this, we can help businesses just like yours also achieve certification.

To help you implement the IASME Governance & GDPR standard, we equip you with the skills necessary to carry out relevant risk assessments and put in place secure data management controls.

IASME Certification Features

Defensity can partner with your business and help you through the IASME Certification process. Our top features include:

Business risk assessment and data management training.

Training that targets the management of people in your workforce who handle sensitive data.

Change management.

Monitoring of data management processes and IT security.

Policy creation, technical and administrative

Backing up of sensitive data.

Incident response best practices that ensure the continuity of your business when data breaches manifest.

IASME Governance Audited: Auditing Your UK Business

After completing IASME Governance Self Assessment and guiding you through how to implement effective cyber security and data management processes, Defensity can officially audit your business. This will result in the official IASME Governance Audited recognition and certification of your organization.

The Audit will result in either a Bronze, Silver or Gold IASME Audited accreditation for your business. This goes a long way to show your Customers and suppliers that you take Cyber & Information Security seriously.

Are you ready to build better trust among consumers and industry partners? If so, reach out to Defensity now to discuss your IASME certification options in more detail.

How much does IASME Governance Pricing cost?

With 32% of businesses experiencing a cyber security breach in the last year*, the time is now to invest in IASME Governance.


The average cost of a data breach is in the £1000’s. With Defensity, you can protect your business from as little as the cost of a weekly cup of coffee – ensuring return on investment and justifying your IASME Governance cost.

Please contact Defensity directly and we will create a bespoke solution for your company.

    Cyber Essentials

    Remote Assistance

    Fully Managed Support
    Support Included IASME Governance Certification Only Remote Support via Telephone Consultant Led with Video Conferencing
    Who is best served? Businesses with full-time tech support on-hand, and existing understanding of cyber security best practices. Companies that are cyber security-aware, but may have limited tech support personnel available.. Businesses with no technical support personnel and little existing network and cyber security know-how or experience
    Support We Offer
    • Access to IASME Governance & Cyber Essentials Portal
    • Results typically within 48 hours
    • Free Restest within 7 days
    • One-on-One Telephone Guidance with One of Our Team
    • Up to 8 Hours Remote Support
    • A Consultant led process with One of Our Team
    • Up to 16 Hours Remote Support
    • A Free Vulnerability Assessment of Your Current Website

    £400 + VAT

    £800 + VAT
    Includes IASME Governance &
    Cyber Essentials Certification
    (worth £400)

    £1500 + VAT
    Includes IASME Governance &
    Cyber Essentials Certification
    (worth £400)


    Our Price Promise

    Find a cheaper quote and we will match it.

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    Frequently asked questions and answers

    IASME Governance includes Cyber Essentials and GDPR Requirements.  

    Applicants are given 30 days to address any issues and resubmit.

    In most circumstances we can give you access to the IASME Governance self assessment portal within a few hours of payment. 

    Yes we offer this, as each company is unique, please contact us for a quote.

    Normally Cyber Essentials and IASME Governance are assessed at the same time, but this can be done separately provided that the IASME Governance is completed within 6 months of the Cyber Essentials certification. The cost for doing this separately would be an additional £100

     IASME Governance is mapped to a variety of standards including ISO 27001. Please see IASME mapping document here – click here.

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