Cyber Security Courses: Top 5 Free Courses for Average PC Users

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Taking cyber security courses can help boost your UK job prospects. However,  courses can also be beneficial for everyday PC users.

At present, the UK has the highest rate of ransomware infections in Europe. However, cyber security awareness training can help you protect computers you use from most common cyber security threats. Here, we’ll, therefore, look at the best free cyber security courses currently available in 2020.

What are the Best Online Courses in 2021?

Contrary to what you might think. It is possible to learn the basics of cyber security completely free of charge.

Paying for courses that offer full academic accreditation, is vital if you want to pursue a career in cyber security. However, if you just want to learn how to protect your own devices from hackers or malware, free courses are a great way to start.

Oxford Home Study Free Cyber Security Courses

At present, the Oxford Home Study Centre (OHSC) offers some of the best free cyber security courses currently available in the UK.

In the OHSC’s free 20-hour remote cyber security training course, you will learn the fundamentals of modern cyber security. This is thanks to the course syllabus covering everything from phishing attacks to the basics of how people create, then distribute viruses over the internet.

The OHSC Course also covers:

  • Email spoofing
  • Physical cyber security threats
  • Cyber stalking
  • Hacking
  • Web Jacking
  • Cyber terrorism

More in-depth courses are also available by the OHSC, each of which can help students prepare for a career in cyber  security.

Introduction to Cyber Security by the Open University

Are you looking for free cyber security awareness training, that also offers academic accreditation? If so, the UK Open University offers just this.

In its free Introduction to Cyber Security training course, you will benefit from accreditation by GCHQ, in a course that benefits from an official endorsement by the UK Government’s National Cyber Security Programme.

In the Open University Introduction to Cyber Security Course, you will learn:

  • What malware is, as well as how it is possible to prevent malware infections.
  • How network security is fundamental to overall cyber security.
  • How to use firewalls and other means to detect cyber security threats.
  • Different ways to secure devices and data using strong passwords, 2-factor authentication, and encryption. 

Cisco Introduction to Cyber Security

Cisco Systems is famous for being one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of state-of-the-art networking equipment. However, Cisco has also recently made available one of the world’s most comprehensive free cyber security training courses.

Launching this June on Cisco’s Networking Academy online learning platform, Introduction to Cyber Security is available to anyone 13 or over. The course also covers best practices for the protection of data and privacy, as well as common cyber security attack vectors.

Cybrary Introduction to IT & Cybersecurity

Cybrary is a leading online platform for aspiring cyber security professionals. Using Cybrary, you can start gaining the qualifications necessary to pursue a full-time career in cyber threat detection. Best of all, you can take several cyber security training courses completely free of charge.

In Cybrary’s Introduction to IT & Cybersecurity course, you will have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the four main fundamentals of information technology (IT) and modern cybersecurity.

At just over 4-hours in length, the course is not as thorough as others made available by the Open University or OHSC. However, it is an excellent choice for anyone looking to start learning more about cyber security.

Start Cyber Security Awareness Training with Udemy

Udemy is famous for being the world’s favorite informal e-learning platform. As a rule, though, most Udemy courses require payment of anything from £10 to £500.

Thankfully, many cyber security professionals offering courses through Udemy, also make several free courses available. Udemy is also the number one place online for bite-size courses lasting just a few minutes, that can help students learn specific cyber security skills, or refresh their existing security knowledge.

To see a full list of free courses available on Udemy, click here.

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