Benefits of Managed Security Services Provider

Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services Provider (MSSPs) provide a expert security services before, during and after a cyber attack.


Before a hypothetical attack, our focus is on hardening IT infrastructure / endpoints and recommending solid security practices. Building up defences won’t prevent hackers from attempting to break into your systems, so MSSPs can help to detect an attack as it is happening and block it from doing any damage to targeted systems.

If an attack gets through, an MSSP will deal with the fall out, remediation and reconstitution of affected systems. This will often involve legalities and breach reporting.


Biggest Benefits

Lower Costs – access to the latest technologies and professional expertise for a nominal fixed price that helps reduces operational costs.

Lower Risk – remove any risks of large capital expenditure and mitigate for unplanned outages, in house staff turnover, or unknown requirements.

Higher Levels of Support – Professional support and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for availability and on demand usage.

Predictable Costs – Costs always remain at the level specified in the contract, enjoy the freedom of knowing exactly what you will be paying.

Access the Latest Technology – Subscribing to managed security services provides the latest enterprise grade security and expert consultancy.

Access to a Specialist Skills BaseMSSPs employ specialists. Complex technical solutions are implemented quickly and at reasonable cost, without having to continually expand or up skill internal staff.

Adaptability – dynamically react to changing business conditions whilst avoiding high capital and operating expenses by having the MSSP expand or reduce services.

Focus on Core Business – MSSPs are your internal Security Department – devoted entirely to customer. Let your IT staff can concentrate on core business.

Reduce Capital Expenditure – Affordable enterprise solutions for Small & medium business for a fixed price monthly fee –spread the cost and have access into a defined Security Consultancy

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